A Book about Aircraft Scale Drawings

This June I started working on a new (fourth) edition of my book about aircraft computer models. Actually, I am finishing its first volume (“Preparations”). It describes how to prepare accurate reference drawings of a historical airplane, on the example of the P-40. Below you can see two of its pages (as they appear my screen):

Figure 114-1 Two pages from my new book

Comparing to the third edition, I altered here the proposed workflow, using Inkscape as my basic tool. I also wrote more about eventual errors, which you can find in typical scale plans. In the appendices I included a section about the original P-40 blueprints, which is based on the posts from this blog. Here is the link to the excerpt from this publication. It contains the table of contents. I expect to release this book in January 2021. (I will write a post, when it will be available).

15 thoughts on “A Book about Aircraft Scale Drawings

    1. The first volume is about the reference drawings, which I prepare using Inkscape.
      Yes, in the next three volumes I will try to describe the latest Blender version. (This means that I will introduce updates to volumes II, III and IV when I finish the complete book. In that time it will be the Blender 3.0).

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      1. JFTR, According Blender LTS releases timeline, Blender 2.83 LTS would be supported until 2022, and since 2022 there would be or 2.84 LTS or 2.90 LTS, which would be supported until 2024.


        So, I’m just not expecting Blender 3.0 in the next 4 years.

        BTW, I’m still happy user of Blender 2.49b & «Wirtualne Modeliarstwo» (1st Edition of «Virtual Airplane») 😉



        P.S. Blender 2.8x/2.9x theme & icon set for Blender 2.49b (2.3x-2.4x) coming soon!



  1. Well done! This book and its content could be very useful for all those who aspire creating 3d models. The game modding community in general.

    God speed!

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