authorMy name is Witold Jaworski. I have been an aviation fan and modeler since I was ten years old. It started by building plastic kits (1:72), then paper models (1:33), and finally – detailed models built from scratch (1:24). Ultimately this passion led me to Warsaw Technical University, where I earned a M.Eng degree in aeronautics (1994).

In 1987 I started tracing (in ink) various scale plans for aviation books. Later I was asked to prepare drawings of any airplane I liked for a new aviation magazine. The result was a cutaway and detailed scale plans of the F-4 Phantom II fighter, published in 1990 in the first issue of “Aero Hobby” monthly. You can still find copies of these drawings on various Internet sites . During my studies I also became hooked by computer graphics and CAD systems. In 1991 I had the first occasion for using these skills, helping in building the prototype of the PW-5 glider. (This design won the World Glider Contest in 1992).

Currently I work as an IT specialist.  Our family (me, my wife Anna, and our three children) lives in Poznań, Poland. Occasionally I write articles for aviation magazines.

This blog is about  creating realistic computer models of historical airplanes. It combines my two passions — CG and aviation  — into a new kind of hobby. If you want to try it yourself – see my Virtual Aircraft web page for the “technical” details.


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