New Guide about Modeling Historical Aircraft

My new book on modeling historical aircraft is already available in the web shops. This is the second volume of the new (fourth) edition of the “Virtual Airplane” guide:

Figure ‎122-1 Cover of the new book (“Modeling”) [fourth edition]

Here is the link to this project page. Below you can see a screenshot of two sample pages from this book:

Figure ‎122-2 Two sample pages from this book

A longer preview, including the detailed table of contents, is available in Google Books. You can also skim the free Polish edition of this guide.

“Modeling” describes how to create accurate computer model of a historical aircraft, on the example of the Curtiss P-40B fighter. It uses for this purpose free Open Source tool: Blender 3D. It addresses various typical issues, which you can encounter during this process.

I suppose that this guide can be also useful, as a book on its own, for all those who would like to learn Blender 3D (especially its “hard-surface” modeling tools).

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